Phoenix Product Liability Lawyer

Injured due to a defective product in Phoenix?

When a worker, consumer or child is injured or killed in Arizona by a defective or unreasonably dangerous product, Palumbo Wolfe & Palumbo is here to help. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to hold manufacturers accountable for severe injuries and fatal accidents caused by their products, including:

  • SUV rollover or roof crush injuries
  • Tire blowout caused by a defective tire
  • Airbag Injuries
  • Other car accident involving seatbelt failure or another defective auto part

We retain premiere industry experts, engineers, accident reconstruction specialists and medical professionals to analyze the product defect and determine if the product was unreasonably dangerous. Contact us today for a case evaluation from a leading Phoenix product liability attorney.

Experienced Representation in Product Liability Lawsuits

Product liability cases are often remarkably confusing and require a knowledgeable lawyer to successfully navigate through them. We understand the complex issues that can arise in product liability cases, such as:

  • Failure to conduct appropriate research and safety testing
  • Failure to provide necessary warnings and clear instructions for safe use
  • Failure to recall a defective product or failure to notify the public regarding a product safety recall
  • Failed safety devices at a construction site or in an industrial environment
  • Malfunctioning medical devices and unreasonably dangerous pharmaceutical drugs
  • Dangerous products for children and babies, such as toys and cribs
  • Defective vehicle design, faulty automotive components, improper maintenance and installation of car parts and defective tires
  • Gas tank explosions caused by defective design
  • Seatbelt and seat back failure in an accident or rear end collision
  • Defective tires leading to tread separation or tire blowout