Accidents Caused by Defective Tires

Phoenix Product Liability Lawyer

Car accidents of any kind are frightening situations that can often lead to catastrophic injuries, sometimes even wrongful death. The ramifications that can come from something that happens in a split-second can be life-altering and those who have been victimized by something of this nature deserve to be compensated properly. When an accident such as this was caused by a defective part of the vehicle, such as a defective tire, someone needs to be held accountable. If you are looking for aggressive, comprehensive legal support, Palumbo Wolfe & Palumbo can help you. Their lawyers have extensive industry-specific knowledge and experience in holding those responsible for causing your serious auto or truck accident accountable.

In order to hold a tire manufacturer accountable for injuries or death caused by defective tire design, thorough preparation is necessary. That is why we use our resources to retain experts who understand the automotive industry to assist us in processing your claim. Contact our Phoenix personal injury lawyers today for an honest evaluation of your case and to discuss your legal options in moving forward with a defective tire product liability lawsuit.

Holding Defective Tire Manufacturers Responsible

Tread separation or tire blowout are only two of the causes of serious or fatal accident and injury. Our firm has the experience and expertise courtroom skills to litigate complicated auto accident liability cases caused in part, or exclusively, by a defective tire or other product failure. By working with a Phoenix injury attorney completely dedicated to client success, such as the lawyers at our firm, you can breathe easier knowing that your rights and your future is being defended in every way possible.