When Should I Hire a Phoenix Injury Lawyer?

Get Assistance with Your Personal Injury Claim in Phoenix

Not all personal injury claims will require the assistance of an attorney. Depending on the facts and details of your case, you may find that many matters can be settled right away and without an attorney. Some claims can be settled promptly between you and the other party’s insurance company; others may need to be resolved in a lawsuit. Being injured by another’s negligence is enough to warrant a personal injury claim, it is crucial to ask yourself whether or not employing an attorney can be helpful to you.

It may be useful to enlist an attorney to handle serious cases, such as:

Should I Settle Out of Court?

When injuries that were relatively minor—more than just a few bumps and bruises—many people feel apprehensive about wanting to hire an attorney because they don’t believe it is worth the time or the effort. However, what you may not realize is that even some minor injuries can turn into something more serious later on down the road. Once you have accepted a settlement offer, you will no longer be able to pursue further compensation for the same incident again.

An attorney can help you fight for the maximum available financial recovery that you deserve. For example, pain and suffering damages, or any damages for any emotional distress suffered as a result of the incident, can be difficult to prove. An attorney can argue for you to ensure that you are receiving the maximum amount of recovery available to you.

One important item to note: unless you are dealing with another party who does not carry insurance, negotiations take place between you and your legal counsel, and the insurance company. While there is the conception that insurance companies are meant to protect us, in actuality, they and will seek to pay out as little as possible. They will also only pay up to the policy limit amount, and having a lawyer can be useful if your costs exceed this limit.

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