Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

Need an attorney for a pedestrian injury in AZ?

It is the responsibility of Arizona drivers to act reasonably in areas where pedestrians are present, especially when children are crossing the road or playing nearby. Driver inattention, cell phone use, carelessness at a crosswalk or running a red light can result in a devastating pedestrian accident. If you were hit by a car, or your child or family member was injured or died as a result of an auto/pedestrian accident, contact a lawyer from our firm today to discuss your legal options for holding the negligent driver responsible in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Every Phoenix injury attorney at Palumbo Wolfe & Palumbo has extensive experience litigating cases involving catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death. Our thorough understanding of insurance matters makes us especially adept at handling complex cases such as fatal hit-and-run accidents. Any pedestrian accident, even a simple knockdown case, can cause a severe and life threatening injury, including:

Are you in need of a pedestrian accident attorney?

Due to the severity of the injuries that can result from a pedestrian accident, it is absolutely vital that you do not hesitate to contact a talented, aggressive pedestrian lawyer to help you in your efforts to win maximum monetary compensation. This is not the time to trust your future to an unproven, inexperienced lawyer. You need a Phoenix pedestrian accident attorney with the desire and the knowledge to help you get to your optimum outcome. We are completely devoted to getting you the desired result you deserve. When you are working with someone as dedicated to client success as we are, you can breathe easier knowing that your future is in completely capable, trustworthy hands. Contact our firm today for help in your case!