Phoenix Slip and Fall Lawyer

Were you injured in a slip & fall accident on someone's property?

Premises liability law holds property owners responsible for dangerous conditions on their property. If you were injured in a slip & fall accident, you may be able to hold the property owner responsible for the accident. Depending on the unique circumstances and injuries in your case, we can help you prove negligence of the property owner or other party involved. Contact Palumbo Wolfe & Palumbo right away if you need skilled personal injury representation. Our slip and fall attorneys in Phoenix have over 90 years of combined experience and are familiar with all types of premises liability cases.

Injuries You Can Receive Compensation for After a Slip & Fall

Oftentimes, injured victims refrain from filing a lawsuit after a slip & fall because they are unaware if their injuries qualify for a case. Almost any type of injury or suffering that an accident causes can be grounds for a case. Whether you win does not usually depend on what your injuries were, it depends more so on who is at fault. If you have suffered any of the following injuries after a slip and fall, you could fight for compensation:

The injuries can vary from minor cuts and bruises to severe catastrophic injuries and you can fight for compensation regardless. The result and settlement of the case may vary according to the injuries, but feel free to discuss your case and injuries with our firm to find out your options.

Proving Fault in a Slip & Fall Accident Case

The most complex part of a slip and fall case is proving fault. In order for the property owner to be held responsible for your injuries, one of the following has to be true:

  1. The property owner or an employee on the property was aware of the dangerous surface but did not fix it
  2. The property owner or an employee of the property caused the dangerous surface
  3. The property owner or an employee of the property should have been aware of the dangerous surface by comparing them to a "reasonable" property owner

Most slip & fall cases involve the third situation, which is the most subjective of the three. Showing that a property owner 'should have known' can be difficult. To show that they should have known, the court will consider how long the dangerous condition was present, if the owner regularly maintains the grounds and if the owner could have fixed the condition. There are a series of thoughts and questions that are considered when determining if a reasonable property owner would have prevented the accident. If the answers are in your favor, your slip and fall claim may be strong. If, however, it is determined that your own carelessness played a large role in the accident, the claim may be weakened. Comparative negligence is often used in situations like this to help measure who is responsible for the injuries. Depending on who is considered 'responsible' our Phoenix personal injury lawyers can help you fight to recover for all of the following damages:

  • Medical costs
  • Bodily damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income
  • Reduced work ability

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