Accidents Caused by Truck Driver Inattention

Truck Accident Lawyer Serving Phoenix

A common cause of accidents involving semi-trucks is driver inattention. Whether the inattention results from the fatigue of having been on the road for too long, or a distraction in their cab (such as a cell phone or radio) a lapse of attention can cause a devastating crash. A Phoenix truck accident attorney from Palumbo Wolfe & Palumbo can offer experienced representation to victims who have suffered serious injury, or the loss of a family member, due to truck driver negligence.

Our firm is not a personal injury accident mill. We handle only a select number of cases. Attorney Elliot Wolfe, a partner in our firm, founded the American Trial Lawyers' Association's Interstate Trucking Litigation Group in 1990, serving as group chairman until 2002. We are seasoned professionals with over 90 years of experience who know federal and state laws regulating interstate commerce, including those specifically directed at commercial truck drivers.

Helping You Obtain Justice In Truck Accidents

Due to overwhelming size and weight differences between passenger vehicles and 18-wheelers, truck drivers have a responsibility to handle their trucks with caution and in a safe manner. Unfortunately, common behaviors that drivers in nearly all vehicles exhibit every day can have disastrous effects if done by commercial truck drivers. Catastrophic injuries or fatalities can occur if a trucker:

  • Speeds, tailgates or drives recklessly
  • Makes an abrupt lane change or fails to look before changing
  • Becomes fatigued
  • Uses drugs or alcohol behind the wheel
  • Uses a cell phone or is distracted by the radio
  • Eats while driving
  • Focuses on conversation with a passenger

Other dangers, such as defective road shoulders, hills and curves, if not addressed by an attentive truck driver, can also result in a serious accident.

Investigating a Negligent Truck Driver's Actions in a Crash

Truck accidents caused by driver inattention or other mistakes require prompt investigation. We work with truck crash investigation experts to interview witnesses, review driver logbooks and police reports, and obtain data from the truck's "black box" recorder (similar to those recovered in helicopter and plane crashes). We combine this information to determine how the truck driver's actions contributed to the crash. Truck accidents are complex matters that you should not face alone. Please contact a Phoenix truck accident attorney to discuss your legal options for holding a negligent truck driver responsible for your injuries or losses. Case assessments are free. We take no fee unless we obtain a financial settlement or judgment in your case.