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One of the most horrific types of vehicle accidents are underride accidents where the front end of a vehicle is carried under the rear of a larger truck, usually an 18-wheeler or tractor trailer. An accident such as this can shear off the windshield and roof of the smaller vehicle and cause the occupants of the smaller car to impact the larger truck, resulting in serious injury or death. If you or a loved one was in such an accident and suffered injuries, please call our Phoenix truck accident attorneys to begin work filing a claim for compensation.

In these types of claims, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer. Palumbo Wolfe & Palumbo has been practicing personal injury law collectively for more than 90 years. As a testament to how successful we have been in this time, we have been admitted to the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®, have been listed in the Top 50 of all Arizona lawyers by Super Lawyers, and have been named Top Plaintiff Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix for 2014. We know how to recover the financial compensation you need when you turn to us.

Don’t Suffer from the Effects of a Serious Injury Alone

Underride crashes can cause devastating injuries including:

If you have sustained an injury in an underride crash, an award-winning personal injury attorney in Phoenix can investigate your accident and determine if the truck driver was at fault by such things as failing to have underride guards and reflectors on their truck.

Tractor trailers should be fitted with an underride guard which hangs under the trailer in order to prevent such accidents. If the bars that make up this guard are faulty or were installed improperly, you could have a negligence case against the truck driver and/or the truck manufacturer.

Similarly, trucks should also have reflective tape to make the truck stand out especially at night for other drivers. The lack of such “conspicuity tape” could constitute negligence.

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Our Phoenix car accident attorneys can put together a solid injury claim to recover the full and fair compensation you deserve after a serious accident. You will likely have considerable medical bills if you suffer a catastrophic accident including hospitalization and possible surgery.

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