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Arizona law provides a specific legal process to recover damages when a loved one is killed due to another's negligence. When a family decides to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit, they must make clear legal decisions while also coping with their devastating loss. Cases such as this are often complex and seemingly impossible to overcome, and therefore, it is vital that as soon as you begin to consider pursuing something of this nature that you contact a reliable Phoenix personal injury attorney to assist in your efforts.

The Phoenix wrongful death attorneys at Palumbo Wolfe & Palumbo can explain your legal options in detail with the respect and compassion that you and your family deserve. We will handle the complex legal and factual details surrounding the events that caused the wrongful death so that you and your family can spend your time coping with your loss. We have recovered many millions of dollars in compensation for our clients through various types of injury claims and our award-winning firm can provide you with the legal counsel and representation you need at this time.

Who can file a claim and what can I be compensated for?

By state law, only certain parties may file a wrongful death claim.

Those eligible include:

  • The surviving spouse of the deceased
  • Surviving children of the deceased
  • A surviving parent or guardian of the deceased
  • The representative of the deceased’s estate
  • The representative of a deceased spouse, child, parent, or guardian

A successful claim can bring monetary damages for your expenses related to the death. Eligible losses can be funeral expenses, medical bills prior to the death, any related property damage, pain and suffering endured by the deceased prior to death, and loss of care, companionship, and care on behalf of the surviving family.

Experienced Representation in Wrongful Death Actions

The legal process for pursuing compensation for the wrongful death can be overwhelming and complicated. The accomplished Phoenix personal injury attorneys at our firm have nearly 90 years of combined experience protecting the interests of family members who have lost a loved one due to another's negligence. We receive no fee unless a financial settlement or judgment is obtained in your case. You have only two years to file a wrongful death claim before the statute of limitations expires, so contact our Phoenix personal injury lawyers right away to begin yours.

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