Arizona's Resorts and Hotels Have a Duty to Maintain Their Premises In a Safe Condition

Tourism is a major industry in Arizona.  Hundreds of thousands of people flock from all over the world to experience Arizona's many attractions.  While visiting, most visitors choose to stay at a hotel or resort.
To assure that guests are provided a reasonably safe place to stay, Arizona law places a duty on all hotels and resorts to protect their guests from known and/or reasonably foreseeable dangers on its property.

The status of a paying guest of a hotel, motel, inn or other place of temporary lodging is that of an invitee. The duty of a business owner to its invitees is to maintain its premises in a reasonably safe condition.


Woodty v. Weston’s Lamplighter Motels, 171 Ariz. 265, 268, 830 P.2d 477, 480 (App. 1992).


This duty requires hotels and resorts to implement reasonable inspection, maintenance and repair programs to assure that the hotel grounds are reasonably safe for guests to use.  Failure to reasonably identify and remedy an unsafe condition could lead to liability if the unsafe condition results in personal injury to a hotel guest.  

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