Medical Tort Reform Does Not Result in Healthcare Cost Savings

A new study out of Texas proves what we at Palumbo Wolfe & Palumbo have known all along - medical tort reform does not result in healthcare cost savings. Instead, medical tort reform is simply a guise for insurance companies to increase their profit margins at the expense of everyday Americans like you.

In 2003, Texas voters approved a constitutional amendment to cap damages in medical malpractice/negligence lawsuits. Although the proponents of the tort reform measure touted it as a model for all other states to adopt as a way to control health care costs, the study shows that Texas' medical tort reform hasn't resulted in any such savings. What a shocker!

The study, which included research by University of Texas law professor Charles Silver, showed that there was no reduction in healthcare fees for seniors and disabled patients between 2002 and 2009. This was in line with the finfindgs of Public Citizen that showed that Medicare spending in Texas GREW must faster than the national average AFTER the draconian tort reform measure was implemented in 2003.

The Texas strudy also showed that although malpractice suits dropped following the tort reform, doctors did not flock to practice in Texas because of the new law (a ficticious benefit touted by the tort reformers).


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