Injured in a Car Accident Outside of Arizona?

Getting into a
car accident is bad enough, but when the collision occurs outside of Arizona, you will
unfortunately have other issues to deal with. If you sustained injuries
in the accident due to another person’s negligent or reckless driving,
you may have the right to pursue financial compensation. However, pursuing
a lawsuit is complicated when there are two different state’s jurisdictions involved.


Where Will You Have to Go to Court?


Unfortunately you will likely have to go to court in the state where the
accident occurred if the person who is at fault is a resident of that
state. Since they live in the other state, they are technically under
that state’s “personal jurisdiction,” which may force
you to have to file a lawsuit in the other state.


Why Have a Lawyer?


Hiring a
personal injury lawyer to look into your rights may minimize the amount of time and expenses
of handling your case in another state. Even if you do have to travel
to the other state for court, having a knowledgeable legal representative
fighting to protect your right to compensation can make all the difference
in having a successful claim.


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